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In this section, you will find a list of our emerging, current, and completed research projects in technologies and business intelligence. You can also choose to browse by researcher to learn more about his or her specific field of study and associated collaborators.

For information on calls for papers, consult the calendar.


The CRTL brings together under one roof many technology and information management experts. Researchers, professors and students in the computer science and engineering fields are joining up with language technology companies in a wide range of complementary skills and knowledge supporting highly specialized projects. The close collaboration among businesses and researchers, with the LTRC as advisor, is often the key to improving existing products and even creating new technological solutions to information management problems.

The CRTL acts as a catalyst for collaboration, and accelerates innovation and the adoption of new business intelligence practices. These activities promote competitiveness and economic development. Visit our site for a list of its many business and research partners and associates.

Business intelligence:
•includes a set of software solutions for business data analysis to:
•unfold new qualitative information;
•assist with decision making;
•support business operations.
•uses as input:
•structured and unstructured corpora (e.g. big data)
•various sources:
•integrated management systems.