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  • Standards and Guidelines for the Language Industry
    This document describes international standards, guidelines and resources that have some relevance to the language industry, specifically, to content authoring, content translation, content management and terminology management.




  • The Canadian Speech Processing Industry
    “Speech processing provides powerful capabilities for improving the interaction between humans and machines, and between humans using machines. The Speech Processing Industry consists of speech recognition, text-to-speech, voice biometrics – their applications, platforms, and services.”
  • Canadian Language Training Industry
    Canada’s Language Training Industry represents economic activity in a range of public and private sectors that include English as a second language (ESL), French as a second language (FSL), international language training, language assessment and related services, industry-specific language skills upgrading (in healthcare and engineering, for example) as well as TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and French second language teacher training and certification.
  • Canadian Content Management Industry
    Content Management Technologies and Applications use statistical, rule-based and linguistic approaches. They make it possible for different categories of machines and people to process information more intelligently and more productively.
  • The Canadian Translation Industry
    Computational support for the translation sector takes the form of various resources and tools. Frequently used resources include term banks, Web translation portals, and monolingual, bilingual and multilingual corpora.
  • Language Technology Roadmap for Canada
    PowerPoint presentation prepared by Fred Popowich