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The CRTL is a not-for-profit organization that carries out and promotes technology research, development and transfer. Its scope is technological innovation, both in business intelligence and technologies applied in various fields.

The centre promotes strategic partnerships in order to create collaborative opportunities for research, innovative technologies and marketing. It truly plays a vital role for Canadian businesses that develop new technologies and those that use specialized digital products. The CRTL thus aims to accelerate innovation and support technology adoption.

The CRTL offers physical and virtual workspaces to organizations that each participate in their own unique way in the development of language technologies and business intelligence. Information technology creators and users can therefore position themselves and benefit from the CRTL as an advisor for their activities.

From inspiration to commercialization, the CRTL works collaboratively with academia (universities), government, associations and industry, in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation, for the benefit of Canadian industry.


The CRTL offers a wealth of resources for technology stakeholders and their clients. It provides the following services:

  • a network of experts and researchers
  • advisory service
  • support for the transition to the digital enterprise
  • monitoring the state of research, developments in business intelligence, and resulting business changes
  • technology incubator
  • networking and network development
  • data delivery

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In March 2003, the Government of Canada released the Action Plan for Official Languages, which announced the intention to create the Language Technologies Research Centre (LTRC/CRTL). By doing so, the government’s goal was to support Canadian research in the language industry and the development of new solutions in language technologies.
The LTRC/CRTL was formed through a partnership between the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the Translation Bureau of Canada and the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO).


In May 2004, the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec and UQO announced a joint funding project worth $15.2 million for the construction of a building at the Alexandre-Taché Block on the UQO campus in Gatineau, part of Canada’s National Capital Region. In addition to housing all of the LTRC/CRTL researchers under one roof, the new building includes research laboratories and technological equipment necessary for carrying out research projects. Construction began in early 2005 and was completed by early 2006. Since then, employees and research associates at the LTRC have been conducting research and doing development and language technology transfer activities.

For the most part, 2010 was dedicated to the Language Technologies Tool Box, a project that became a reality in 2011. In 2012, the LTRC’s/CRTL's efforts started taking shape with a nationwide rollout of LinguisTech (virtual desktop and reference web site for language professionals). This project is solidifying the ties between research, language technology companies and practice.

In 2014, to better meet the needs of businesses and maintain its role as a leader in the field of innovation, the LTRC/CRTL expanded its scope to business intelligence. This allows the centre to create new opportunities for collaborative research, technological innovation and export, while adapting to the current realities of the research world and the regional economy. Since the beginning of 2015, the centre utilize only the acronym CRTL to rehenforce his identity and reflect his activities.

Mission, Vision, Strategic Directions


Be a catalyst to bring together stakeholders in the field of information management, and accelerate innovation and the adoption of new business intelligence technologies, while promoting competitiveness and economic development.


  • Become a cornerstone in driving cutting-edge technology projects and innovative practices in business intelligence, by applying our expertise in language technologies.
  • Contribute to corporate and organizational positioning and growth, through business intelligence.

Strategic Orientations

The CRTL is a catalyst for innovative practices and projects in business intelligence in order to:

  • accelerate projects;
  • bring together researchers and industry;
  • support businesses in their transition to the digital enterprise;
by fostering exchanges among stakeholders
and by offering a range of services that promote synergy and the success of innovative projects.

Relationships based on understanding the needs of researchers, businesses and organizations.

Board of Directors

Regular Members:

Mr. Donald Barabé, Consultant (President)

Mr. Alan Bernardi, LTRC

Mr. Pierre Blais, MultiCorpora

Mr. Michel Desautels

Mr. André Dubé, CogniLore                     

Mr. Pierre Dumouchel, ETS Montreal                                                              

Mrs. Atefeh Farzindar, NLP Technologies (Vice-President)                                            

Mr. François Lanctôt, Silex Créations     

Mr. Loïc Le Bihan (individual)                                                                                         

Mr. André Manseau, UQO (Secretary-treasurer)               

Mr. Yves Marleau, Cogniva                                                                                                                                                 

Mr. Jacques Ouellet, CRIM                             

Mr. Yves Salembier, Coginov

Observer Members:

Mr. François Cordeau, CNRC

Mr. Jean Lepage, DE-CLD Gatineau

Mr. Jeffrey MacHan, MFEQ

Mr. Martin Roy, MFEQ