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The CRTL offers a wealth of resources for technology stakeholders and their clients. It provides the following services:

  • a network of experts and researchers
  • advisory service
  • support for the transition to the digital entreprise
  • monitoring the state of research, developments in business intelligence, and resulting business changes
  • technology incubator
  • networking and network development
  • data delivery

Please visit Services de traduction LinguisTech or contact us for language services : stlt@linguistech.ca.


Welcome to the Membership area!

For CRTL collaborator updates, please see the News. For events, please see the Calendar. For the reference Web site for language professionals, please see LinguisTech.

New: CRTL member-only service program!

We are pleased to announce the CRTL Membership area. Here you can find services offered exclusively to the members of our community. In CRTL terminology, we call these exclusive services “Member Offers.” Throughout the year, members will be invited to take advantage of “Member Offers.” We will also publish an CRTL Member Directory and announce new member-only services and privileges.

We hope this page will help stimulate the innovation community and encourage the actors in this community to become CRTL members with the associated member offer benefits. We invite you to provide your comments on this area and member offers by contacting us at (819) 484-1022 or info@crtl.ca.

Learn more about CRTL’s Member Offers


Temporary project team
CRTL Expert advice
Project coordination
Joint planning, follow-up and reports
Virtual technology incubator
Business referrals
Communications or administrative support
Conferences or training
Inclusion in the CRTL Web site
Posts on Web site and social networks
Inclusion in the CRTL distribution network
Invitations to our events
Preferential rates
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*Customized services are also available upon request.

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