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CogniLore Information Solutions develops and delivers software designed to support the sale of business information. CogniLore provides subscription solutions for professionals in a variety of fields, including the legal, medical, scientific, and technical fields.


Cogniva is the leading developer and distributer of innovative solutions for content management. Cogniva services and products support companies seeking a better organization and more efficient management of their documentation and knowledge. Among other things, it provides a multi-faceted indexing of company documents, which leads to more efficient content management and facilitates growth and development for a company. With its 25 years of experience and innovation in the content management field, Cogniva has proven itself as an important industry leader. Its team is comprised of cognitive science, business semantics (business information), linguistics and computer science experts. Cogniva operates in both Europe and Canada and works towards enabling organizations of all sizes, both private and governmental, to reduce operating costs while increasing their overall performance. This is accomplished by acquiring practical skills that enable them to reduce the gap between business strategies and carrying out tasks. The Cogniva research institute is the first international research centre for information management and information architecture. This research institute is home to the work of scholars encompassing a wide range of expertise who are constantly contributing to innovation in knowledge and information management. Cogniva is a member of the Language Technologies Research Centre and works in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada, the Université de Montréal, the Université du Québec en Outaouais, Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, as well as the Université des technologies de Troyes and the CNAM in Paris, France.

CREDIL’s mission is to help companies and organizations produce technological solutions providing them with a competitive advantage. These solutions are intended to have a lasting impact, specifically through the use of free, patent-free software. CREDIL aims to be a cooperative of community property as well as a business structure that provides its members with expertise whose spheres of activity are related to research and experimental development in IT, to sustainable innovation and to the administration of computer systems. Through a cooperative business infrastructure, i.e., bringing together computer scientists, CREDIL offers its customers scientific and policy recommendations, preventive support and an IT outreach service. CREDIL has worked on the Android project (Google’s operating system for mobile devices, including cell phones) with a view to allowing the hearing impaired, among others, to communicate in sign language on their mobile phones. In addition, CREDIL is actively working on voice recognition projects for live television shows or navigation systems inside buildings. Besides their avant-garde value, these projects fit into the LTRC’s mission to promote research and development in the language technologies field. CREDIL is also working in collaboration with the LTRC on the new tool box for language professionals.


RAMIUS. For over a decade Ramius has built ground-breaking social software, bringing people together to connect, engage and collaborate with intuitive ease and reliability. Whatever you need to do, from gathering business insights that go beyond surveys, innovating and co-developing the next big thing, building brand advocates or empowering employees to work smarter, it can be done using one of Ramius' suite of online community software solutions. We've got you covered. Whether you're using one of our professional, white-labelled software solutions, or drawing on more than a decade of services expertise designing and implementing community solutions, like many of the world's leading organizations, you can have confidence in choosing Ramius.