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Canada Economic Development

Through its business office in Gatineau, Canada Economic Development (CED) for Quebec regions works with a clientele consisting mainly of SMEs (including social economy enterprises), non-profit organizations and institutions. Its mandate to support the development of SMEs is most definitely relevant to the LTRC and the SMEs associated with LTRC projects.

Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program

The Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program is a Public Works and Government Services Canada program. This program is a result of the federal government’s commitments in the Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality 2008-2013: Acting for the Future. Its main objectives are to support the development of a skilled workforce and to strengthen the language sector in Canada. The Language Industry Initiative component contributes, among other goals, to promoting language technologies and making them easier to use in postsecondary institutions, businesses and non-profit organizations.


Développement économique – CLD Gatineau

Together with the LTRC, Développement économique – CLD Gatineau (DE-CLDG) strives to create a cluster of language technology industries in the Gatineau region. The mission of the DE-CLDG is to professionally stimulate economic development in Gatineau according to a perspective of integrated, structural and sustainable development through collaboration with its partners.

Ministère Économie, Innovation, Exportations Québec

Ministère Économie, Innovation et ExportationsThe ministère Économie, Innovation, Exportations du Québec (MEIE) supports economic and regional development as well as research and innovation, by fostering coordination and cooperation between economic, scientific, social and cultural players. Therefore, it focuses on economic prosperity, scientific advances, sustainable development, creating jobs, and enabling local and regional institutions to manage this development within a partnership between them and governmental bodies.

Le créneau d'excellence Industrie de la langue

The créneau d'excellence Industrie de la langue includes translation and information technology companies, i.e., a skilled workforce combining expertise in linguistics and translation, as well as a training and research environment unique to Canada (MDEIE).


Since 1999, MITACS has played a decisive role in establishing links between businesses, government and non-profit organizations, along with over 50 Canadian research universities. This collaboration has enabled the creation of cutting-edge tools that support the growth of the knowledge-based economy. MITACS has proven itself in supporting cutting-edge research by connecting Canadian organizations and businesses with the next generation of highly skilled workers. This network provides businesses and organizations with easy access to cutting-edge university expertise, so they can develop and market tomorrow’s products today.