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Learning Centre Development Project

The Learning Centre Development Project will allow students to master the tools most often used by the translation industry by offering users many different mediums to learn about translation technologies, such as videos, tutorials, self-testing tools and problem-solving exercises. This translation ecosystem will help students through the many steps of a translation and will guide them in getting the most out of translation and correction software.

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Tool Assessment Project

The Tool Assessment Model project is a way to create a comprehensive method to evaluate this new language technologies portal to examine the strenths and weaknesses it presents, and to make further imrpovements to benefit its future users.

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Collaborative Translation and Terminology

The goal of the Collaborative Translation and Terminology project is to develop tools and processes to help collaborative translation and terminology practices, in a Wikipedia-like way.

Lead Researcher
Alain Désilets, NRC (R&D)

Publications on Collaborative Translation and Terminology

Language Technologies Tool Box

LinguisTech - CRTL




Language Technologies Integration Project

The LTRC is currently working to enrich this language technologies tool box so that the productivity of language workers—be they students or professionals—is increased. By maximizing the use of this technology, this new tool will help language professionals solve tangible problems that they encounter in their daily work. But it is not just a practical professional tool that integrates a number of tried and recent language technologies as well as new ones at the forefront of current research. It also has a dynamic and user-friendly platform that gives access to various types of training, a bank of information, a language technologies knowledge database, and it stimulates networking between language professionals.


  • Alan Bernardi, former Executive Director of the LTRC
  • Janet Dewey, Executive Director of the LTRC
  • Centre for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Libre (CREDIL)

Types of integrated technologies
Translation memories, Web localization tools, machine and computer-assisted translation (MT and CAT) tools, terminology extractors, AutoCorrect, etc.

For more information on LinguisTech, read the press release or visit the LinguisTech website.