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Alan Bernardi, CEO -CRTLThe CRTL is a dynamic, collaborative workspace, bringing together partners from various fields. Thanks to the centre’s technology incubator, businesses, researchers and users contribute to the economic development of the region.

With an eye to the future, the CRTL supports organizations in their transition to the digital enterprise by developing business intelligence solutions and new operational processes. Business intelligence occupies an increasingly prominent place in the digital technologies field. The centre is positioned as a key player among the various stakeholders in language technologies and business intelligence. The CRTL thus aims to meet the needs of a larger number of businesses, researchers and organizations.

The centre also promotes the use of information resources to improve organizational efficiency. It plays an advisory role, guiding clients in their search for funding and in intellectual property management. Through all these activities, the LTRC has created a synergistic and sustainable ecosystem.

Alan Bernardi, CEO of the CRTL

Message from the President of the Board, Mr. Donald Barabé

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